Why Become a Member?

We do more than just ride.  As a member of the club, you benefit from:

  • Discounts from some of our sponsors including 10% off from our local bike shop sponsors;
  • Inclusion on and access to the club email list used to distribute periodic club updates, away rides and events, and local cycling issues. Allows members to share cycling news amongst themselves; Most information is posted on Facebook, but we do copy important Facebook postings (not conversation around them) to our group email so…. If you don’t do Facebook, you will need to be on the email list.
  • Organized away rides and social activities like BBQs, Meet & Greets, and camping trips.
  • Representation and advocacy on cycling issues within Eastern Contra Costa County, state and national levels in an attempt to make cycling safer and promote cycling as a means of transportation. Our club is a member of American League of Bicyclists.

Join us and develop lasting friendships with fellow cyclists.