Cycling Advocacy

Club members represent Eastern Contra Costa County cycling by sitting on committees, attending local city council and transportation meetings, commenting on plans and legislation, and communicating with various agencies of like interest. The club also pays attention to and tries to affect pertinent issues and legislation at the state and national levels (e.g. member of the American League of Bicyclists).

Advocacy activity includes but is not limited to:

  • Follow up on local road & safety issues and suggestions (Dave Stoeffler).
  • Member of and advise on Brentwood Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Dave Stoeffler & Al Lim) and Contra Costa County Bicycle Advisory Committee (Ole Olhson – Chairman & Al Lim – District 3 rep.)
  • Attend regular meetings (Ole Olhson) for: Pittsburg Planning Commission; CTTA and its pertinent subcommittees & working groups; EBRPD Park Advisory Committee; CALTRANS District 4 Bicycle Advisory Committee;
  • Monitor issues and attend meetings (Ole Olhson) as needed for Pittsburg, Antioch & Brentwood City Councils, Planning Commissions, & Land Use Committees as well as similar committees for Contra Costa County (COCOCO …).
  • Provide input (Ole Olhson) into various community based transportation and general plans (ex: Bay Point-Pittsburg-Antioch Community Based Transportation Plan, extension of Marsh Creek Trail, etc.).
  • Promote and work Bike To Work Day (Dave Stoeffler).

Advocacy Successes

How Can You Help?