New to Cycling?

What equipment do I need?

  • You want a bicycle that will fit what your anticipated riding style will be, not necessarily what it is now.  A lot of people start off with leisure bikes only to find that they want to transition to more of a health and fitness type riding that would include longer, faster rides. Visit a reputable bike shop to ensure that you not only choose a bike that fits your goals, but the right size a bike fit is completed.
  • A helmet that fits properly is a must as well as a good pair of padded cycling shorts.  An uncomfortable rider is not likely to ride much as they’ll remember the how bad or painful the last ride was.   Tight fitting lycra shorts are good but there’s other styles that are not so revealing.  The tightness of the shorts prevents movement which is a cause of saddle sores and other types of discomfort.  Bright colored clothing with some reflective material should be worn so drivers in vehicles can see you.
  • A pack with set of tools and supplies for emergency repairs..  tire levers, tubes, air, patches, tire boot, multi-tool.  Even if you do not know how to use it, chances are a cyclist passing by can use your tools and supplies to get you back on the road again.  Front and rear lights for safety.  These are basic tools to carry while riding, even if it’s on a bike trail.
  • Water bottle(s).  It’s always good to have water or hydration mix with water and nutrition no matter the distance you ride.  Don’t forget to bring your cell phone and a few dollars just in case you need to call for assistance or to purchase additional fuel (food) while on your ride.

How do I get started with club rides?

Reach out to General Information Contact for more information or come on out and join us on one of our weekly rides.  You can always come out early and chat with a ride leader to get more information.  Or post a question on Facebook to get introduced to someone you can discuss our rides with.

We post regular riding schedules on this website and our Facebook Group ‘About’ page. We try to accommodate all levels of riders and look forward to meeting you!